Tickets Booked – Florida – California

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After a full day of checking fare and going back and forth with Spirit Airlines customer service I finally booked my flight back to California to be with Summer.

My itinerary takes me through Tampa Bay Florida out of Aguadilla Puerto Rico on Spirit Airlines. I fly into Tampa on Saturday morning at 8:00am (I leave PR at 2:30am) and Conner is going to pick me up at the airport. The one way flight was $85 plus tax. Each checked bag costs $15 and if you want to choose a seat online that will cost you another $5-$15 or you can let them auto-assign you a seat at the gate. I am then going to help he and Dianne move to their new house. I am really stoked to go hang out with those guys, I haven’t seen Van (aside from pictures on their blog) in almost a year. After we move on Saturday, we are either going to go golfing on Sunday or go hang out with Dianne’s dad and go spear fishing or hang on his boat.

I fly to California on Monday and arrive in San Diego at 9:30pm via US Air. The flight cost me $115 after taxes and I could choose my seats for free. I’m not sure what the baggage allowance is on US Air, but I should only be traveling with one bag. I arrive in San Diego well after Summers multiple visits the post office shipping Halloween Costumes are over with and hopefully she won’t be too slammed with next day orders so we can hang out and have some proper together time. September 12 was the last day I saw her (over 2 weeks ago and not for another two weeks).

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