S. California Surf Report

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Pictures of Encinitas Surf

I was quite dissapointed this morning with the surf. We have all been eagerly anticipating this great north west swell that has been predicted by all of the Southern California surf reports to be epic. I woke up early, a little worried about the extreme high tides and how they would effect the swell…and the worst case scenario came true. Unlike the 2005 December North West swell that hit california hard and long…this one is roping in medium size closeouts and is less than desirable.

I took this picture, as it was the first wave in 30 waves that looked like it was going to line up…if you look down the line you’ll see the first 100 yards just closed out. There were a few guys out there…a boogie and a couple of surfers that weren’t catching anything aside from the occasional drop into a close out barrell with no time to travel. It looked shithouse…time to back up my boards I guess…Summer and I are leaving for Rincon Puerto Rico tomorrow.

The surf report for Rincon is looking decent for this week. We may get some swell..but i am probably jinx’n it by even saying this….it was flat the entire time the last time we were there!

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