Mexico Car Accident Victim

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I came home from work the other night to my little cottage in La Jolla and the picture I posted below was stuck in my front door. My first thought was that I am about to become a victim of fraud. Check out the pictures below.

I read this over a couple of times. I can only guess that some surfer from San Diego must have been in Mexico surfing and got in a car wreck with this guy in the neck brace. He obviously gave him the wrong cell phone number and fake auto insurance information. He must have randomly given him my home address. I am thinking some sort of hybrid between his house number and the first street that came to mind. If he surfs Wind N Sea much, he has driven down my street many times for a surf check.

Really though, why did this guy drop off a picture of him in a neck brace? No one is going to call him back, whoever did this is definitely thinking this Mexico car accident victim is trying to milk him for some cash. He should have dropped off a picture of some homemade churros or dulces.

Crazy people out there…I figure even if this guy comes around looking for the surfer that crashed into him, he’ll see I am not him.

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