Airport Security Restrictions

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I am posting this here for anyone traveling within the USA. There is so much media revolving around airport security that I found it a bit difficult to find what I can and can’t bring on the plane as carry on luggage.

As of today, you are alound to bring cell phones, laptops and electronic devices on board planes as carry on items.

Prohibited Items to bring on as carry on:
Remember, liquids, gels and aerosols are prohibited. Please leave those items at home or pack them in your checked baggage.

Makeup and Personal Items
Aerosol spray bottles and cans
All creams and lotions including Neosporin or first-aid creams and ointments, topical or rash creams and ointments, suntan lotions, moisturizers, etc.
Bug and mosquito sprays and repellents
Eye drops (See exceptions below)
Deodorants made of gel or aerosol
Hair styling gels and spray of all kinds including aerosol
Hair straightener or detangler
Lip gels such as Carmex or Blistex
Liquid lip glosses or other liquids for lips
Liquid bubble bath including gel or liquid filled bubble bath balls or bath oils or moisturizers
Liquid foundations
Liquid, gel or spray perfumes or colognes
Liquid sanitizers
Liquid soaps
Liquid mascara
Make up removers or facial cleansers
Non-prescription liquid or gel medicines like cough syrup and gel cap type pillsMouthwash
Nail polish and removers
Saline solution
Shampoos and conditioners

Food and Drinks
All beverages
Cheese in pressurized containers
Duty free alcohol and other items
Gel based sports supplements
Whipped cream
Yogurt or gel like food substances

Other Items (why would you travel with gel candles?)
Gel-type candles
Gel shoe inserts (See exceptions below)
Ligh1ters (Read our section on lighters and matches)

There are exceptions!
Eye drops – You are allowed to carry up to 4 oz., of eye drops with you. Volumes greater than 4 oz., are only permitted in your checked baggage.

Gel Shoe Inserts* – Gel shoe inserts are not permitted, but shoes constructed with gel heels are allowed and must be removed and screened.
Prescription and non-prescription medications and other medical needs

Saline solution – You are allowed to carry up to 4 oz., of eye drops with you. Volumes greater than 4 oz., are only permitted in your checked baggage.

Baby formula and food, breast milk and other baby items.

So there you have it. I posted this on September 7 2006 and all of the information is from the Transportation and Security Administration.

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  1. No Easy Cheese?!?!?!? That’s it. Traveling will never be the same…

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