Streaming Television and Movies via DVI to HDMI Cable

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vgi to hdmi cable converterWe don’t have cable or satellite TV down here at our house in Rincon Puerto Rico. There really isn’t a need for it, we are either working on our computers on the Internet or we are working around the house or surfing. Who has time for TV? Well, I guess we do, cause we have resorted to finding a new show every couple of months and either renting the seasonal DVD’s or watching them on Hulu, YouTube or Project TV. Yep, so we are getting our fill of non-commercial television one show at a time, but we are doing so in front of our laptops or in our offices, separately.

Last week I ordered a DVI to HDMI cable to run our 42” Phillips as a secondary monitor for my laptop and PRESTO, we are watching streaming Internet commercial free television in our living room on the couch. I have a splitter that I plug into the headphone jack on my MacBook which runs into our stereo for genre specific streaming radio and now theater sound on our computer.

This little guy cost me $6 on ebay and another $3 to ship it. So far, definately worth the $9 investment.

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