WP Polls Plugin for WordPress – Spammy

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I just downloaded a WordPress plugin from their plugin directory to install an ajax based poll on my site. I wanted to ask people what I should do about my MacBook pro decision and decided a poll is a good way to get some user interaction and possibly some user contributed content.

The WordPress plugin I downloaded is called Wp Polls. I downloaded it, uploaded it to my plugins directory and activated it and the widget that it automatically downloaded too. I typed up a poll by stating a question and gave 5 possible answers from realistic to ridiculous. The poll looked good on the site and matched the css style sheets I have with my theme and was quite proud at how quickly I found it, installed it, activated it and then used it in a post. The problem came when I clicked on the view results after I voted. The page stretched out and showed a little progress wheel that never quite caught up to show the results of the poll. I was a little suspicious so I rolled my mouse around and I found a hidden link to a Yahoo Personals Advertisement. I am assuming it was some sort of affiliate link or a pay per lead link. Either way, it pissed me off that someone is spamming the plugin directory of WordPress and getting away with it.

Don’t download WP Polls unless you want to have hidden links that link to affiliate sites that you won’t make any money from. WP Polls is spammy.

Word Press Plugin WP Polls has spam links hidden above the loading icon

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