MacBook Pro without the letter A

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It isn’t easy typing on a keyboard without the letter “A”. A is used in a lot of words and I consider it a relatively important vowel in the big picture of the alphabet.

I really only have good things to say about Apple products. They are much more intuitive than any PC running out there, they are reliable, virtually virus resistant and they plug in play with almost everything. Lately though, I have had a few problems with my Mac’s. A couple months back, I was in California with Summer and the hard drive crashed on my MacBook Pro…I wasn’t smart enough to back everything up so I lost a few important files…like the before pictures I took of our new house in Rincon Puerto Rico. Then, the new operating system installed on it wasn’t working properly with my wireless system (Apple Airport) at the house. After spending some time on Apple Phone support, they told me I could buy a 3 month support contract for $50. I decided not to buy the contract, turned off the computer and the next time I turned it on I didn’t have any problems. The most recent issue with Apple is the fact the letter “A” on my keyboard stopped working. It wasn’t sticky, nothing was spilled on it, it just stopped working.

This could be an excuse to be financially irresponsible. Maybe I should turn the MacBook Pro into the computer that we use with our TV for movies and streaming videos and I can buy the new Air laptop.

Behold, the MacBook Air
2008 MacBook Air

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