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It absolutely blows my mind that the brains at Google can figure out how to become billionaires through a complicated algorithm and bid based advertising system but they can’t figure out how to differentiate an original website from a scraper site! Come on people, just run a WhoIs and cross reference which URL was registered first. Reference your cache! Reference and the WayBackMachine!!. Do something!

The Google is a big bad company bandwagon is rolling steady, but I’m not on it. Sure, it hurts when you battle a glitch in their system (not detecting scraper sites) that is hurting you financially, but it is because of Google in the first place that I am a business owner working for myself. It’s the scraper sites and the copycats that are the big bad enemy. They’re lazy fucks capitalizing on someone else’s hard work. Owners of scraper sites are thieves and liars. Scrapers and copycats are the gypsy thieves of the Internet.

If you are battling a scraper site(s) like I am, there isn’t much you can do. A few of my sites have been scraped completely word for word and dropped out of the Google SERPS, and then came back, and were then scraped again by the same company/person/thief/gypsy and then dropped out again.

Recently, I have been in a constant battle with scrapers and php injections. Man, what a pain in the ass. I guess it comes with the territory, but I don’t like it.

Here are a few ways you can try to help your scraped blog/website by reporting it;

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