Gmail, iWork, Pages and IT DOESN’t Work!

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I was using Apple’s iWork program (as I always to) to edit a few lines in a .doc file that was sent to me. I guess I just figured that I could save my revisions, re-attach it to an email (web based gmail) and then ship it back off to the recipient. I guess I wasn’t really thinking straight because the guy that was supposed to receive the attachment has a PC and wouldn’t have been able to open a Pages file anyway…but I was very surprised when Google wouldn’t even send the pages file as an attachment!

I guess Google saved me the trouble of apologizing for sending a file that they couldn’t open..but if the recipient also had a Mac, I probably would have been really annoyed. Regardless, I still think it’s strange that Gmail won’t send Pages files as attachments. No warning, it just kept saying “still working”.

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