Find and Replace for WordPress – Transferring from Blogger

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One of the issues I had, after finishing the transfer from Blogger to WordPress, was that I hard coded most of the photos and pictures into my Blogger Blog posts. For example, I would write this:

<img src=”” />

The proper way to upload images these days is to use the “Add Media” feature, which I did use sometimes. This caused another problem, because now I have another file path to my images:

<img src=”” />

Now, I know most people switching from Blogger to WordPress really want to keep their inbound links. You can do a .htaccess redirect and be kosher. I however, don’t care about keeping my links. I still did a basic site wide 301 to my home page but I didn’t add any %blahblah% to an .htacess file, I just did it through my GoDaddy admin panel. The only bad thing about that is that it won’t redirect all my image files, so what to do?

Here is what I did. I searched Google for WordPress Plugin Find and Replace. I clicked around a little, read a few blogs and reviews and decided to download the Search and Replace plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. You can download the plugin Here.

Once I downloaded the .zip file, I unzipped it and FTP’d into my server, into the wp-content folder, then plugins and dropped the .php file right there. I went into the WordPress backend, activated the plugin and I now had a Search and Replace option for WordPress!

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