EVDO Cell Phones

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EVDO Cell Phone or don’t waste my time and money?

So here I am, I currently own a Treo 650 cell phone. I get my email on it all day and SOMETIMES get phone calls. I just don’t know if cell phones were meant to be mini-computers. Half the time people call my cell phone, they get my voice mail because my Treo 650 is always syncing with the network to download my emails. I get so annoyed with this thing, because I can’t get incoming calls and mostly because I don’t get to hear all the ring tones I downloaded. Just kidding, the ring tone craze is another tangent I will go off on later.

To the point at hand: Has anybody had an EV-DO Cell Phone? EV-DO is wireless Internet broadband cellular service for your cell phone. I am thinking that because it is broadband, it won’t take so much time to download all of my emails. After all, EVDO consistantly offers 800kbps as opposed to a dial up connection through my carrier, Verizon Wireless. Therefore, I am concluding that friends and clients won’t get my voice mail when my cell phone is downloading my new emails.

I think I’ll get the Audiovox 8940: I’ll give ya’ll the cell phone scoop after a trial period.

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