Editing HTML – NotePad vs TextPad

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Ok- So I am not really the best coder out there. Actually, I suck. But I own a company that does website design, search engine optimization and a bunch of other web based stuff. Here’t the thing; my company is successful because I know what to do and have the conviction to get it done 100% perfect. I just so happen to hire out the people to do all of our coding, web design etc…

In the past few years I have been determined to learn how to design websites and code. Therefore, I have some pet projects and everything I do is by hand. I don’t use programs such as dreamweaver to get my stuff done. Ok, here comes the problem. I am helping out by designing and maintaining a website called www.rideflightline.com (you are welcome to have a look) to help save some local mountain biking trails. My buddy that is working on the project with me using SSH access in his Mac Terminal prompt (same as cmd prompt on PC’s) and I simply pull the files off of the server, edit them in Note Pad and then re-upload them.

Look what happend after he worked on the code of one of my pages(click on it to make it bigger);

Messed up Note Pad Code

I know I am a nerd now, but fuck…how am i supposed to go back in and edit that shit? So, another one of my buddies suggested I download a copy of Text Pad. Here’s what the same code looks like now;

Text Pad Fixing Messed Up Notepad Code

Wow! Not only is it spaced out again, so I can follow what is going on, but it also color coordinates the types of code like firefox does in the “view source” option!

I am nerd…eeep eeep eeep
I hope this helps someone out one day that is facing the same nightmare as me…don’t go in there and try to delete all those little 0’s and add returns to organize your code. Just get textpad. IT’s rad.

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  1. I just found out that there is a command that will reformat the NotePad into legible code:

    the comand is: unix2dos FILENAME


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