Database Transfers and FTP’n

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Yesterday was an extremely productive day for me. Although, I worked close to 14 hours, I accomplished more things yesterday with my new Puerto Rican business than I have in the past two weeks.

Yesterday, I successfully uploaded an opensource content management system on my new corporate website, uploaded a “Client Relationship Management” software and imported all of my current client data and uploaded vBulletin. I set up all of the proper databases on the server, transferred my old vBulletin database to my new server and successfully connected to all the old data on the new server.

It really does feel good to get all of that stuff done. Not just because it is behind me, but because knowing how these things work and having the ability to do them (quasi-efficiently) is very empowering for me. After all, I work on the web for a living, and up until this point, I have always paid employees or 1099 contractors to do these things for me.

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