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Summer tagged my blog requiring me to tell you 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me and then tag 5 other blogs requiring them to do the same thing. If you are one of the blogs I tagged, I am sorry, I don’t know you. But we are related some way/how because I did searches for things that I am interested in and your blogs came up first in the search results. Please…repeat…its good stuff.

Here are 5 things that you don’t know about me:

1. I was the Ice Cream Man

2. Regardless of extensive international travel, turbulence on an air plane still makes me nervous

3. I drove alone South on Interstate 95 in the year 2000 directly through Hurricane Floyd (155mph winds) from North Carolina to Florida (600 miles) because the evacuation route that was offered to evacuees would have stranded me inland/landlocked away from pumping hurricane surf

4. I can’t ride a wheelie on my bike

5. All of my muscles are bionic so I jump onto the roofs of tall buildings (too bad I am afraid of heights)

I don’t know five people with blogs that haven’t already been tagged so I am going to pick this one freestyle:

Google Search: Surfers Blog

Blogger Search: South Jersey

Search: Mountain Bike

Search: Porn Star (actually #2 in SERP’s, first one was spam)

Search: Monkey (title was flying space monkey)

Search: I hate taxes

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