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Mildew Free Bath Time

Store Your Bath Toys Mildew Free in The Tropics

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If you’re anything like our family, bath time equals lots of fun with toys, suds, sponges, towels and squirt guns. Now that our daughter is almost four years old and we have tons of bath toys and routines I’m starting to notice some unhealthy hygiene trends…specifically, we are getting mildew all over our favorite toys.

So, what’s the solution to keeping your kids bath toys dry (even when you live in Puerto Rico? It’s the bath pad. Better than a net and way better than having to clean/dry your toys after every bath to keep them mildew and mold free.

Have a look at these (links to buy on Amazon are below the photo). We have the frog one which seems pretty gender neutral, but they also have a ladybug plastic scoop and a whale.

Have fun in the bath!

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