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Another Spirit Airlines Customer Service Disaster

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I had a horrible experience with Spirit Airlines about 18 months ago. I booked a flight from Aguadilla Puerto Rico to Atlantic City New Jersey so Summer and I could go visit my family in Ocean City. After booking my flight online everything seemed fine. However, a month later I received an automated email telling me my flight numbers had changed. The problem with the new flight numbers? We would end up in Detroit, not Atlantic City.

After weeks of back and forth and a long drawn out customer service nightmare I still could not get a refund on my ticket. They eventually gave me a credit that would not expire for my $600 and hours on the phone and I hung up. No more Spirit Airlines for me once this credit is used up.

It has been 18 months since I was issued my credit and I was finally going to fly Spirit Airlines last again. I wasn’t looking forward to it, super small seats, pay for your snacks, pay for your sodas, pay for your water, pay for your bags and don’t forget a pocket full of change for the pay toilets. I called up reservations and tried booking my flight into Florida using my credit and guess what…my credit is expired. Yep, that’s right. No longer valid.

I tried explaining my situation to the operator (that barely spoke English) and I was eventually escalated up and up the chain of command before I finally spoke with an operator that just plain said;

“We are not going to honer this credit and there is nothing you can do about it over the phone. You may go to the corporate office in Florida and take it up with them.”

Are you serious? If I have a ticket disput with a company I have to go to the corporate office to settle? This company is bullshit. They let you book your tickets and spend money online without even talking to an operator, but if they screw up it’s the consumer that pays the price.

  • Operators that don’t speak English
  • Wait an hour to talk to someone
  • Discount airfare for midgets
  • No airfare refunds when they screw up
  • No flight credit when they screw up

It is official. Regardless of the fact that Spirit Airlines flies into Atlantic City which is only 15 minutes from my moms house, I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. I will always fly Jet Blue and Continental into Newark or JFK from here on out.

Fuck You Spirit Airlines.