Royal Flush!

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I will admit to you, that I absolutely love playing poker. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a gambling problem…because I am usually not even playing for money. It’s just good old wholesome fun. Well, I guess playing cards in smokey rooms isn’t really wholesome, but whatever…good fun none-the-less. I played my first Texas hold ‘em game about a year ago and was just trying to remember what poker hands beat other ones.

Last night when I was playing online poker, I saw a Royal Flush for the first time in my illustrious poker career. I was so excited that about seeing a royal flush that I took a screen shot of it so I could show all of you new poker players out there what a royal flush looks like.

royal flush in online poker
Royal Flush – Online Poker

It might seem that I am overly excited about seeing this winning hand, but honestly, this doesn’t happen very often. Shawn is the only person I know that got a royal flush in a real game…he went all in but unfortunately he was the short stack, so there weren’t many chips he could win back.

Also, one more important note, the picture of the Royal Flush, isn’t mine; it’s of another persons hand at the table that beat everybody!

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