Poker Hands – I like Texas Hold ‘em Poker

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I have decided to jump on the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker bandwagon a little late. Everyone has been playing, winning poker and loosing their shirts…and I just sat back and watched. No more.

I like Texas holdem, but not like some of these guys. Check out how much money they have won playing poker! In my book, these winnings definately beat Grandma’s Bridge Game winnings.

Mohamed Ihrahim Limit Hold’em $290,420
Toto Leonidas Seven Card Stud $98,760
Chris “JESUS” Ferguson Omaha Hi-Lo Split $123,680
“Minneapolis Jim” Meehan No Limit Texas Hold’em $280,100
Prahlad Freidman Pot Limit Texas Hold’em $109,400
Minh Nguyen Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split $106,020
Erik Seidel Pot Limit Omaha $146,100
Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson H.O.R.S.E. 84,080
Chris “JESUS” Ferguson 1/2 Limit Hold’em 1/2 Seven-Card Stud $66,220
Phi Nguyen No Limit Texas Hold’em $222,800
Phil Hellmuth Jr. Limit Texas Hold’em $171,400
Michael Saltzburg Seven-Card Stud $95,580
O’Neil Longsen Deuce To Seven No Limit $147,680
Johnny Chan No Limit Texas Hold’em $224,400
Eddy Scharf Limit Omaha $63,600
John Arrage Limit Texas Hold’em $178,600
Layne Flack Omaha Hi-Lo Split $119,260
Mickey Appleman Pot Limit Texas Hold’em $147,280
Ron Rose Seniors Championship No-Limit Hold’em $130,060
John Juanda Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split $130,200
Amir Vahedi No Limit Texas Hold’em $270,00
Daniel Negreanu S.H.O.E. $100,440
Johnny Chan Pot Limit Omaha $158,100
Layne Flack Limit Hold’em Shootout $120,000
Tom Jacobs Limit Texas Hold’em $163,000
Huck Seed Razz $71,500
Barb Rugolo Women’s Championship $40,700
Frankie O’Dell Omaha Hi-Lo Split $133,760
Keith Lehr, Jr. Pot Limit Texas Hold’em $225,040
Men ‘the Master” Nguyen Seven-Card Stud $178,560
Phil Hellmuth, Jr. No Limit Texas Hold’em $410,860
John Juanda Pot Limit Omaha $203,840
Carlos Mortensen Limit Texas Hold’em $251,680
Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen Triple Draw Lowball Ace To Five $43,520
Chris Moneymaker Championship Event $2,500,000

This must be the equivalent to being a professional surfer for me. Too good to be true.

2 thoughts on “Poker Hands – I like Texas Hold ‘em Poker

  1. ha! I won my first ‘real game of poker’ last week in Oceanside. I was stoked…i lost the next one, paid for the UFC pay per view fight to chuck ladell kick some dudes ass in less than a minute so I broke even for the night. Soooooo much fun. I am addicted. I am even playing online poker now too….

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