TV Lies and Computers Infuriate

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Ok, so I am going to vent a little bit; TV Lies and Computers Infuriate . I know everyone who has come accustomed to using their computers everyday hate them on some days. I make my living on the computer so I have a love hate relationship with mine for sure. I know you are with me.

Last night my PC would not recognize a new logitec mouse I installed…I already unplugged the old one and could get no where shaking around the little egg shaped device I have come to rely upon. My usual Control Alt Delete combo wo

It wouldn’t allow me to see my control panel where I was going to shut down all programs safely and shut down the computer to restart. As a matter a fact, my keyboard stopped working as well. This is a brand new Sony Vaio.

I broke my keyboard and bloodied my knuckles after 10 minutes of rational trouble shooting, USB port checks, m

Mouse plug checks and three minutes of counting to ten.

I think that horribly immature action will be as close as I ever come to wrecking a hotel room rockstar style; destroying my $20 keyboard. Wow, I have come along way since The City Gardens and Morlyn Terrace.

I don’t know if the “long way” is positive or not…Definitely NERDY though.

Sorry to disapoint you with the TV LIES comment without expanding on it, I hate TV too. Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “TV Lies and Computers Infuriate

  1. Solution: By a Macintosh.

    Come over to the dark side. You’ll love it ;)…

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