Surf to live, live to Surf – East vs. West

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The reason I moved to California was to have opportunity to make some money and be able to surf…without dealing with below zero winters.

This winter, the surf in San Diego was decent…a lot of working to pay the bills and a few trips to Hawaii and Costa Rica. But still, even then, I get emails from friends about waves with pictures attached staying: “XYZ spot, my brother surfed all day with only 10 guys out”. See the Picture below…

Surfing Pictures

What makes me bitch about this is that the amount of taxes I paid to Uncle Sam this year I could have purchased a home right in front of this spot…and here I am in SoCal renting…unable to swing a $750k starter home.

Well, regardless, it is never below zero here, I haven’t seen snow in San Diego (besides Big Bear Lake) and I love the traffic on I-5!

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