San Diego Mayoral Race

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So here we have it. Politics. Specifically, the San Diego Mayoral Race.

There are two candidates here: Donna Frye and Jerry Sanders. For the past year we, San Diegans, have been dealing with litigation, mud slinging and an interim mayor that has stepped down from his position. San Diego has no leadership. I don’t know much about the financial situation in other cities but San Diego is in bad shape. How is that? We have one of the most expensive housing markets in the USA ($565,000 median home value) generating millions in property taxes, our gasoline, much like everywhere else in the U.S. is taxed out the wazoo and I pay two bucks for a water at the 7-11. We have a Pension Fund scandal that could potentially send people to jail and has already caused numerous people to loose their jobs and our Real Estate bubble is about to burst.

What do these candidates really have to offer? Who can save San Diego California? Is it you?

Maybe we just need to get a movie star like Arnold Schwartzenager to run for Mayor, he’ll definitely win. He may even become the governor of California one day.

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