Republicans vs. Democrats

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I am clearly a democrat by the business I am in. I feel that someone needs to defend people that aren’t able to stand up to the big Corporations that would run them over all day long if given the opportunity. The same corporations that George W. Bush supports and regularly attempts to change laws to help.

With George W. Bush’s approval ratings dropping because of the problems our troops are having in Iraq (our brave young men and women being killed over misinformation on GWB’s behalf that started a war)his grand circus completely failing in his federal response to Hurricane Katrina wide spread destruction and now the Vice President blaming his top aide for the CIA.

I hope the same republican support that somehow got this ,idiot of a president into office will completely abandon him and let him sink to the bottom of the sharky political river running through Washington DC.

Washington DC, the charm of the North with the efficiency of the South.

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