Pro Wrestler Attacked

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This only shows what kind of idiots resides on this earth. How this family turned something so positive into something so negative is out of cognitive reach for me. And to make it worse, these proud parents are teaching our youth to do the same. George Bush wants to outlaw abortion, why not go one step further and require everyone to obtain a “baby license. I think I support Darwinism. I know I don’t support Bush. At any rate…

A 9 year old leukemia patient in Phoenix Arizona was paid a special treat when he was visited by the 44 year old professional wrestler, Randy “The Macho Man” Savage. Unfortunately for this innocent youth, he is a product of his parents’ idiotic genes.

Apparently, The Macho Man showed up at this kids hospital room wearing dark sunglasses, matching black leather hat and vest shouting “Hey there little dude, I’m here to make you feel gooooood!”

Apparently the kid had enough excitement after the first 30 minutes of the visit and instead of the Doctors or parents thanking The Macho Man for his time, his commitment to Americas Youth and his courageous effort to help a child with Cancer, they (doctors & parents) let him stay for hours and then complained about it to the press.

The ungrateful parents were quoted as saying “Tyler’s still worn out from his biopsy, and this man will jump right in his face and scream, ‘Snap into remission!'” the mother said. “When will my son have some peace?” They apparently claimed that although the kid was showing signs of improvement, the extended visit from Randy Savage was very stressful to the boys already weak immune system.

Randy was quoted as saying “I do what I can to pump the kids up … I’m still on their team even though they can’t tag me in for this fight.”

Poor Macho man…the doctors should have warned him about not touching the kid and the doctors should have limited the visit to 30 minutes if the kid is that weak. Its not that I am on the Savages side on this one (cause I always rooted for Hulk Hogan and I was alway The Ultimate Warrior when I played the WWF Arcade Game), but this family is ungrateful. Why not file a malpractice suit against the doctors for not chaperoning the Macho Man and telling him not to touch the kid or do back flips off of the EKG machine?

These ungrateful fucks that don’t want to be accountable for their actions reminds me of the Lottery Winners that blame the system for becoming bankrupt alcoholics. Ignorance is fucking bliss.

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