New Pandora and Social Sites Are Eerily Similar to Facebook

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As a Pandora One member, I get to check out the new Pandora website ahead of the pack. I gladly took a test drive today, and guess what; It looks just like the FaceBook user interface. Now, I’m not bashing on Pandora because I love what they have done for me, and everyone else that got sick of having to change their music library every time a new technology came out (CD, DVDs, iPods). Most of the music I listen to is music that I have purchased at one time or another, but have no idea where it is after lost hard drives, stolen computers and scratched CD’s.

With that little disclaimer, back to the reason for this blog post. I think all of the new social media sites out there are looking very similar to facebook. Social media is taking the logical evolution to a segmented industry. Much like nearly every business out there like advertising, plumbing and building, if you find a specialty within the big picture you can build yourself a great niche business.

The way I see it, all the business’s out there that saw the success of social media with FaceBook are now trying to create a niche in their industry. Pandora is just like them…creating their own social network on the new Pandora One website.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if it looks anything like facebook to you.

New Pandora Looks Like Facebook

New Pandora Looks Like Facebook

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