Indo Boat Trip – Mahalo 2

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My Indo Boat Trip… Mahalo 2

It was a long trip. My flight to Indonesia for my surf trip took me almost two full days. I know I sound like I am whining, but if you want to take a surf trip to Indonesia, get ready for some flight time.

If you have some money, I would suggest finding a non-stop flight from Las Angeles to Singapore. This flight takes 17 hours but is direct.

Back to my trip….

My first leg took me from Las Angeles California to Tai Pai via Singapore Airlines. From Tai Pai, I flew to Singapore. Before I was lucky enough to get on that flight, I had a 4 hour layover in the Tai Pai airport. Not quite enough time to check out the local fare, but plenty of time to walk around and stretch after the first leg of the journey. Singapore was a quick layover, only two hours. From there, I was off to Bali. Bali is in Indonesia and has some epic surf spots: Uluwatu, Dreamland, Impossible’s…just to name a few.

I decided to stay in Bali for a couple of days. Good call.

From Bali we flew to Kupang in East Timor. East Timor is apart of Indonesia so make sure you buy a 30 day visa on your way through Bali, not just a 10 day visa or you’ll get smacked with a huge fine, like me.

From Kupang, the crew of the Mahalo 2 picked us up and drove us to the harbor where the Mahalo 2 was moored. Two skiff’s cruised out and picked us up, one boat for us and one boat for all of our surfboards.

This was the beginning of my Indo Boat Trip… Mahalo 2

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