Disney World Vacations

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If you grew up in America on the East Coast, you grew up dreaming of the day your parents would load you up into the family station wagon and start the pilgrimage to Disney World in Orlando Florida. I distinctively remember the 24 hour drive from Vermont down I-95 to MY shangra la! Fast food, South of the Boarder billboards serving up the friendly reminder that you are only 300 miles from Florida and the natious feeling that went hand in hand, for me, of sitting in the way back of the family station wagon facing the opposite direction that the car was moving in.

Now that I am older, and perhaps a bit more cynical, Disney World really seems like a good racket to me. Millions of visitors annually, $67.00 minimum entrance fees, there own little piece of America carved out in the middle of Florida where they are able to do what they like, a loyal youth following (ask the Roman Catholic Church and/or Hitler or why it is a good idea to capture the imagination of the youth)and now…the ability to fingerprint everyone upon entry.

That is right, Disney World which claims to be one of the happiest places on earth, now scans the fingerprint of every guest that enters the park. Disney is claiming to purge all of the personal information associated with the fingerprint scans every 30 days. This in itself is worrisome to me, all it takes is the government requesting fingerprint information for them and “poof”, there goes autonomy.

The government requesting data from Disney isn’t that far fetched! After the September 11th attacks, the government sought out Disney for advice on security and biometrics! Disney has been using these tools to identify and recognize individuals based on unique facial and body characteristics. This technology has been implemented in plan to help develop a plan for “Passenger Protection and Identity Verification” at airports.

Perhaps I am getting a bit cynical here, but, is it not crazy how these technologies are taking away many of our freedoms that we take for granted? Come on, I know that technology has improved our society in so many ways, but, we need to keep the ACLU and other civil rights watch dogs empowered to stop us from loosing ALL AUTONOMY AND FREEDOM.

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