Coffee House Rules – Don’t Mess with your Barrista

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I am on my cell phone a lot for work, and I am on my cell phone a lot because I am addicted to it. The technology aspect of cell phones these days has me checking my iPhone for emails, FaceBook and Twitter updates constantly. If I am bored, I will be playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker or shuffling through pictures that I most recently taken. Hmmm…maybe there is something wrong with me. Why can’t I just sit in the hammock and chill out! :-)

The last time I went to San Diego with Summer, I spent a lot of time at Cafe 976 in Pacific Beach. I like their coffee, their food is healthy and very fresh and their Wi-Fi is fast. It’s a great place to people watch and get some work done. I loved this sign they had at the register so much, I took a picture of it with my iPhone so I could preserve it forever. Check it out. Classic.

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