Birthday Horoscope – Sagittarius

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Let the world be known, I am not really into Astrology and Horroscopes; and when I say not really, I mean I don’t pay attention to them AT ALL. I categorize Astrology with organized religion minus the organization (wherever that file may be). So, with that disclaimer out there, my mom sent me a newspaper clipping of my horroscope from my birthday this year. I would like to tear apart its semantics and say that it is such a broad description it could apply to hundreds of thousands of people, which is probably true and why they put it in the newspaper. Because of this clipping and this post I am going to dive deeper into the crazy under world (or should I say over…stars…shrug) of astrology and my horriscope.

This is what started this little astrology rant of mine:
Sagittarius Horoscope December 18
Sagittarius Horoscope for December 18th

I read this clipping and was like; “wow, I really like what this thing is saying” AND I can relate on one level or another to everything mentioned in the horoscope that came out on my birthday.

Ok. So now, I am going to give you some basic characteristics of a Sagittarius and I will tell you if they apply to me. Anyone out there that knows me, feel free to call “bullshit” in the comments section if you see fit:

The symbol of this zodiac sign is half horse and half man holding a bow and arrow.I do not resemble this character one bit…see below.

Picture of a Sagittarius, half horse half man with bow and arrow

Sagittarius is constantly searching for greater awareness via new ideas and new experiences. This applies to me

Sagittarius love getting beyond their immediate surroundings via adventure, travel and philosophy. I like this one…it hits the nail right on the head (adventure and Travel in one: Mexico trips, mountain biking, surf trips to Indo, South America, Central America, Carribean, Africa, Australia, New Zealand; Philosophy: Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead, Senior Thesis on Michel Foucault)

Sagittarius often look to the silver lining of a dark cloud and could be considered optimists. This is me…although I may make fun of the bad, I will always pursue the silver lining.

There is a connection between Sagittarius and Horses.This really couldn’t be further from the truth. Horses scare me and they are stinky. It could be just because I have not spent much time around them and the few times I have, I had a bad experience. At present, the only connection I have to horses is through Summer. Her mom breeds Hanoverian Horses

The Sagittarius Motto is “It is better to know how to learn than to know.” This kind of reminds me of the old biblical passage of teaching a hungry man to fish as opposed to feeding him. This particular horriscope goes on to describing this motto as an infinite quest for wisdom and the “things to come”. This does apply to me, but at this point I feel like they are stroking my ego a bit.

A Sag can feel sullen if his/her wings are clipped. Yup…but I can’t give you the reasons why yet. :-)

Sagittarius Element: Fire; Fire gives you light and heat and can provide this for many others without depleting its supply. Although it is a fire, it is not hot, it is only warm acting as a far away beacon or lighthouse leading the way to a destination that is forever changing. Hmmmm, this one may apply to me in the fact that I have new goals and aspirations before I accomplish my old ones…so I will never in my life accomplish my goals and say…ok, what should I do now? There are always new ones keeping me busy as I accomplish old ones.

Sagittarius Quality: Unshakable Optimistic AttitudeIt says unshakable optimistic attitude but contradicts itself by saying that a Sag can be very sullen if its wings are clipped. I think they are reaching a little bit here.


Ninth House: Travel We already explored this one on item number three

Ruling Planet: Jupiter; Jupitor is the largest planet in our Solar System and often leads this zodiac sign to over indulge or overspend making Sagittarius the King of big, better and more. This large planet encourages Sagitarrius to take risks and create opportunities that help this sign live life as an adventure and believe in something greater then themselves. Well, the first thing I get out of this is that for all those great qualities I have, I am destined to compete with “The Smiths” for a bigger house, faster car, nicer suit…hey, this sounds familiar, maybe there WAS truth to that at one time.

Alright, that was my analysis of my Zodiac Sign, Sagittarius. Thanks for the Birthday Horoscope Mom….good stuff. :-)

3 thoughts on “Birthday Horoscope – Sagittarius

  1. *“bullshit”*

    only kidding =P
    Saggitarians rock!

    Belated birthday greetings, and Happy New Year dude!

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  2. “There is a connection between Sagittarius and Horses”

    I’m year of the Horse, babe. Spoooooky ;)

    Just goes to show how easy it is to interpret astrology into your own life. :D

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  3. Alrighty then. I guess there is a connection between me and horses. This also prompted ME to look into what my Year was in Chinese Culture.

    1974 is the Year of the Tiger: Tiger people are suspicious of others, but they are courageous and powerful (that’s right bitches!) and Tigers are most compatible with Horses! Sweet…

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