Indonesia Surf Trip – Mahalo 2

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Absolutely without a doubt the most consistent surf trip I have ever been on. It took a long time to get to East Timor (L.A. to Tai Pai to Singapore to Bali to Ruteng and then a 12 hour boat ride), but once we got there, the waves were going off, the food on the boat was delicious (fresh baked bread and muffins everyday, homemade yogurt, homemade deserts, fruits, fresh fish, sushi), the beer was plentiful and the crew was amazing. Thanks Gary and Family, you made it the trip of a life time.

The gallery that I uploaded these photo’s with is not very complicated to use. Just click on the picture you want to see and it should zoom in for you. You can click on it again to reduce the picture, or, you can use the arrow keys to go from picture to picture without even using your mouse.


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