Like a dog in heat cause…..

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Nope, I am not going to say it…I leave that to 2 live crew.

Monkey, my english staffordshire bull terrier has gone “into season.” Yep, that’s right, my dog is heat. There a bunch of warning signs that this is coming on, but like most girls…I just can’t read them.

The obvious physical warning signs that your dog is going into heat is her nipples getting bigger and her “womenhood” swells to a larger than normal size. Well, monkeys womenhood is alway large, and because she can’t read, I’ll tell you; she is so muscular and “large” she is mistaken for a male dog all the time.

The less obvious signs are her attitude change. Yes, dogs get PMS. I have to be careful around other dogs with her lately because she isn’t really open to the submissive thing before she goes into heat. If a dog wants to be the boss (this is how the dog world works…dominant dog rules the pack, all the less dominant dogs just kick it with tht alpha) and tries to get her to submit by aggressive rough housing…Monkey turns into the kid in the school yard that puts EVERYTHING into winning. Basically, she’s looks at other dogs and says “you wanna fight me…i dare you.” She is very confident. So, warning sign number 2 that your dog is going into heat is her being aggressive towards other dogs..Male and Female.

Another warning sign that she was going into heat was that she got really needy the past month. She would follow me around and nuzzle her head onto my lap while I was working on the computer..she would just stare at me and she would just sigh with a touch of wimper. She became very emotionaly high maintenence.

Now that she is in heat, it is the complete opposite. She is a sweetheart…she just wants attention from other dogs and is very submissive to male dogs…i haven’t had her around any females yet so I am not sure how she will be with them.

She may get studded on this one…we’ll see if the breeder ever calls back..if she does…MONKEY will have English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies! Wahooooooooo…..

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