SoCold in SoCal

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I feel like I’ve posted about the cold weather in San Diego just a couple of weeks ago, but just in case i didn’t, here we go again.

It is just plain old cold in San Diego right now. Last nights low hit 36°F which is a couple degrees above freezing! That’s right, the weather in beautiful sunny southern california gets into the thirties at night…and the houses have no heat. The only time to escape the chill is while driving your car with the heat on full blast. The cold weather even dictated where/what we had for dinner last night. Here’s how it went down:

summer, ” let’s get sushi for dinner”
stefan, “um, I don’t know if I want sushi or not, I really want something warm for dinner”
summer, “hot saki”
stefan, “sushi sounds like a great idea!”

As to warmer thoughts, here is a picture of the groom and groomsman at my great friend eric booths wedding at the Westin St. John. Eric is all the way to the left, I am next in line.

Westin St Thomas Wedding Photo, Eric Booths Wedding

Warm Days at Erics Wedding

Look at those outfits, no jackets necessary. mmmmm….the caribbean looks warm.

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