Attack of the Potato Bug

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First off, last night was by far the coldest night in San Diego since the turn of the century. Maybe since last winter, but it was so cold it must have broken records. The low last night was 43 degree’s…come on! I know you, and you don’t think 43 degrees when you think of southern california, you think of convertable porches and lamborghini’s…I think about that David Lee Roth video, Girls Girls Girls…and all those chics had bikinis on so it couldn’t have been 43 degrees(i am a twisted result of a childhood in the 80’s)!

Anyway, it was so cold last night it drove the bugs into our house (although our house has no heat so I don’t know what they were thinking). I woke up looking for a hoody but first noticed that summer was attacked by a potato bug once again! Now, she sleeps in much later than I do so she didn’t tell me personally, but I woke up to this note in the hallway…

Captured Potato Bug

Luckily for all of us, she survived the attach. I imagine she was doing dishes and whipped this bowl over into the hallway like a fearless ninja capturing the vicious potatoe bug…then left the carnage for me to dispose of.

He’s definately still alive, I here him calling in back up..little guys’ probably cold in there…..

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