Sleep Talking

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Funny thing about sleep talking. If you are the talker, you never remember what you said the night before but the person next to you in bed remembers it clear as day…mostly because you woke them up out of a deep sleep in an apparent one sided conversation. About 5% of adults in the world are reported to talk in their sleep and guess what, Summer is one of them.

sleep process

I have no idea what time it was, but I was dead asleep enjoying some REM when I was awoken with a “WOW”! It was summer. I looked over at her sound asleep, and without skipping a beat, she then said “That thing is huge!”

I asked her today if she had any “dirty” dreams last night, obviously trying to entrap her, but she replied with a “not that I remember.” I told her that she woke me up the night before yelling, “Wow, that thing is huge!” and she started laughing hysterically, which became infectious.

With all that I have going on with my business right now and her business keeping her busy 14 hours a day, that was some great unintentional comic relief. Have you ever had a funny sleep talking experience?

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