Paying Your Electric Bill is Important

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I never open my mail unless it’s from the IRS or a friend. All of my billing comes to me via email and my online banking service at Banco Popular. Today, Summer is trying to teach me how to pile less and file more by opening all of my mail with me and filing it appropriately.

We opened a bill from the Electric company that is past due from last November. What? Are you kidding me? So, I called and investigated what it was all about and apparently all of the online payments I was making to keep current we applying to past due balances instead of the current bill. So, over the past 12 months I accrued about $500 in unpaid electricity at the house. I really hate getting sprung with suprise bills, especially when they are for so much.

I will say though, this is all my fault. I wish the billing department would send me a total amount due at the bank so I could have at least known what was going on 6 months ago and made the payment then. Oh, well, live and learn. (minus $500 from this months budget).

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