Twisted Humor

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It seems that I have found sick and twisted humor very entertaining; yet again.

Today was a good day. I got a bunch of work done at the home office and went for a surf before going into the downtown San Diego office. Because I surfed at Blacks, I drove the van, so aside from being careful that it didn’t overheat on the way, I had to pay for parking downtown (my BMW X-5 has the parking pass).

I circled 10 square blocks looking for a free spot before I realized my search was a failure. I finally found a spot in a pay parking lot and was a bit annoyed that I had to pay $10 to park in downtown San Diego while I was working, but I get over that little shit pretty fast. I parked the ’76 Dodge next to a $70,000 limited corvette. Ironic.

I opened up the side door on the van with the music going to get ready. I threw on a collared shirt; put on some dress shoe’s and put on my work face. I locked up and walked through the parking lot towards the office when I saw this.

Ok, here I am, thinking about how great the day is and the solitude is completely shattered by the fact that God kills a kitten every time you masturbate! The Easter Bunny is going to be pissed…

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