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so…if you do a search for my first name, STEFAN…this is one of the sites that come up…that’s right…in the land of higher education (La Jolla) you too can earn a degree from Stefan University. I’ll have to admit that it wasn’t on my hitlist when I was sweating it out of the SAT’s and applying to colleges all around the U.S. Maybe it should have been…my time in La Jolla was great. Great waves, a long drive to go anywhere (being on the other side of Mt. Soledad), close to Pacific Beach (just in incase I felt inclined to get a tattoo) and lots of meth (amphetamine) heads keeping you on your toes.

Check it out:

Please post comments if you would like me pull any strings for you over there…I’ll hook you up. Go to the University of Stefan ….

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