Two Year Olds, Trails and Life Preservers

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Nope, this isn’t a random post at all (insert witty sarcasm). I guess I should categorize this one into “Completely Random“, but I’m thinking it should be under the “Family” category.

A few days ago, Sydney (2 years 6 months) and I went for a walk around the property. If you have any children, you know it takes a bunch of work just to get them ready to go out of the house. Today was no different.

After getting her shoes on, she decided she wanted to wear her froggy life preserver. The one she refused to wear in the water. Suddenly, this thing was the best thing in the world. It must be great to be a kid.

Halfway through the walk, she decided it was too hot, and I carried it the rest of the way. Super cute.

While I’m at it here, if you have a two year old and would like to know if wearing a life preserver that looks like a frog around you house with no intention of going swimming, you can check out these two year old gross motor skills milestones.

2 Year Old Developmental Milestones

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Gross Motor Skills

  • Walking & Running without falling
  • Able to walk upstairs & downstairs holding on and using two feet per step
  • Able to throw ball forward without falling over
  • Walks into ball to kick it
  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Builds a tower of 5-6 bricks
  • Imitates a circular scribble and straight line
  • Able to turn the single pages of a book
  • Vision

  • Recognizes pictures of animals and everyday objects e.g. cup, apple, banana in picture books
  • No squint seen
  • Communication & Hearing

  • Able to name 3-5 pictures or objects
  • May have about fifty understandable words and understands more
  • Beginning to make little sentences of two words e.g. “mummy’s keys”
  • Able to tell you what he needs
  • Able to carry out simple instructions
  • Social Skills & Behavior

  • Plays with toys meaningfully and in make believe play
  • Has little idea of sharing but may be beginning to take turns
  • Plays alongside other children rather than with them
  • Very possessive of own toys
  • Drinks from a cup and able to feed self with spoon
  • Very curious and tries to investigate everything and has no concept of danger
  • Temper tantrums when frustrated but easily distracted
  • May have toilet awareness e.g. know when wet or soiled
  • Toddler Developmental Milestones provided by

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