A Visit From Vermont – Dad, Susan and Skyler

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The Rest clan finally made it down to Puerto Rico. We have been down here close to two years and no one has been able to make the visit. My dad, Susan and Skyler finally made it down last week and spent a couple of days with us. It was a lot of fun. Summer and I were both really busy with work but we passed time with them on the front porch over coffee, went snorkeling, drank Ron Cana (Puerto Rican moonshine) and went down to Villa Cofresi for a few of their famous Piratas. A Pirata is a rum cocktail served in a coconut…it’s a must have for every tourist here in Rincon Puerto Rico.

Herb, Susan and Skyler at Villa Cofresi in Rincon Puerto Rico
Villa Cofresí Hotel & Restaurant in Rincón Puerto Rico.


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