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As crazy as it sounds, Spirit Airlines is offering .05 cent fares to select cities today. In order to get this very discounted airfare you need to book it before midnight tonight (Friday, January 5 2007).

It sounds like a crazy publicity stunt to get some recognition, but either way, if you live in the cities they are offering the nickel fares and you want to get a round trip ticket to any of the following destinations you are stoked.

Hartsfield Jackson International Airport to:
Las Vegas Nevada
Tampa Bay Florida
Orlando Florida.

I used to leave outside of Atlantic City New Jersey in a small town called Ocean City. I used to use Spirit for my flights to Florida and the Caribbean all the time. The airline was based in Detroit but offered very inexpensive flights to a few places around the country like Las Vegas, the Bahamas and Atlantic City for dirt cheap prices. Now, keep in mind this is before the term “discounted airline” was coined and most flights to anywhere in the country were expensive because the major carriers like US Air, Delta and Continental had a lock on the airline industry. Now Spirit Airlines has 33 planes with 29 destination cities and is based out of Florida.

Now that discount airlines like Jet Blue, SouthWest, AmericaWest and Frontier are a strong force to be reckoned with, (the big airlines are even jumping on the band wagon with airlines like DELTA starting their discounted flights on their planes that they are calling TED) and it seems that Spirit is raising the bar again. NICE!

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  1. Wow! That is a great marketing idea. How else would have Spirit Airlines landed on your blog :)?

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