US Airways Merger with Delta

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I just got an email from the President of US Airways. No, I am not that important, everyone with a frequent flyer account got the same one. It basically said that we are going to hear a lot of press about the potential merger of US Air with Delta.

Speaking from experience, their merger with America West was a bit of a logistical nightmare. For example, I was told by operators on the phone that I could show up at the airport for an earlier flight with only a $50 charge; when I got to the Philadelphia airport, not only was this untrue, the only way they would let me fly that day was to upgrade to first class which was a $400 charge. When I told them what the operator on the phone told me, they said the operator was misinformed and this is all I could do on US Air. I requested for them to check America West flights, which is what the operator did, but they told me the computer system couldn’t check America wests flight schedule. To top it all off, they then chastised me for booking my ticket through travelocity instead of directly with them. Basically, they were bitches…And I blame it on the lack of organization during the merger.

Hopefully the merger between US AIRWAYS and DELTA will be much smoother. I like flying Delta as they hit all of the destinations I often travel to. US AIR has direct flights from San Diego to Philadelphia…These two combined along with the combining of all of my frequent flyer miles could be a winner…If they can keep up with the technology we have all grown accustomed to…AND RELY ON.

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