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Spirit Airlines AircraftAfter Spirit Air screwed up the flights I booked for Summer and I in June and refused to give me a refund, I was stuck with a credit of almost $700. I am heading to California for a couple weeks to hang out with Summer and decided to try to use some of that credit. I am flying from Aguadilla to Tampa to hang out with Conner, Dianne and Van on Saturday and Sunday and then I am off to San Diego.

Here is the issue worth blogging about. The My Account section in Spirits website doesn’t show my credits so I had to call. They must use a call center out of the US where English is the operators second language because I could not understand the operator. What I did make out was that the flight that was $85 on the website was going to be $120 via phone. I told him that I had credit and that I wanted the $85 fare. He just kept ignoring and repeating the same question:

You like me to book $125, yes?

I would say no, I want to use my credit and get the online price.

You like me to book $125, yes?

NO! For fucks sake! I want to talk to your supervisor. I eventually got to the supervisor after not being informed that he would get him. The line just went silent for over ten minutes. Luckily, I am watching the Quiksilver Pro live online and Kelly Slaters’ quarter final heat was on. Eventually, the supervisor converted my Voucher numbers into an online voucher number to insert in place of the credit card during the payment process in the My Acouunt area.

I am so annoyed with Spirit Airlines.

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