Mal Pais Hotel – Milarepa

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Mal Pais Costa Rica Hotel – Milarepa

On a recent visit Costa Rica, Summer and I headed over to the Nicoya Peninsula to do some surfing and check out real estate in the Mal Pais and Playa Santa Teresa area. I have been meaning to tell you about this great place to stay in Mal Pais but just have not gotten around to it.

Planning to go to Mal Pais Costa Rica:

We were in Playa Nosara staying at the Hotel Paris deciding how to get to Mal Pais and made the decision to take the coast roads all the way down. This is not advisable during the rainy season because of all of the river crossings (4) but we were there during the dry season. After about a two hour drive we crossed our final river and drove out onto the beach in Playa Santa Teresa. At this point, we both questioned our map reading skills but decided to follow the other tracks on the beach over some dry reef and back into the rain forest about 2 miles down the beach. After a few wrong turns (that were all dead ends), we hit our destination of Mal Pais Costa Rica.

Where to Stay in Mal Pais Costa Rica:

We went to the Hotel where we were staying, Milarepa Hotel, and couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay in the area. The homepage of their website describes their lodging the best; “A Small Hotel of Luxurious Simplicity.” There were four cabanas on the property all with unbelievable views of the palm tree grove and of the crashing waves on the beach right out front. For those of you that are fast paced city slickers looking for a home away from home in the tropics with Television, telephones and wi-fi, this probably isn’t the place for you. It is a clean relaxed environment that lends itself to the weary traveler looking to get away from all the hustle bustle of their every day lives.

I looked up the meaning of Milarepa and decided that I should share it with you, as I am sure it has a significant meaning to the owners and now to me. Milarepa is the name of a Tibetan Saint. He is said to have risen above the miseries of his younger life through meditation until he achieved the pinnacle of the enlightened state. He then passed the secrets of his enlightenment on to the rest of humanity. For those of you who are not seeing the parallel here, Hotel Milarepa is the pinnacle of a restful and peaceful vacation in Costa Rica in which the proprietors wish to pass the enlightened state on to their guests.

Milarepa Hotel Mal Pais Costa Rica
View from Restaurant Soma

The hotel staff was extremely nice and hospitable making us feel like we were the only ones staying there. Although they were available for everything we needed whenever we needed it, they were not overbearing which gave us the feeling of complete privacy. This is the type of place that would be ideal for a honeymoon. Clean, Discreet, Great Amenities and beach front.

Mal Pais Beach and Surfing Costa Rica
Beaches in Mal Pais Costa Rica

Eating in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

Milarepa also has an unbelievable chef. Jim Kelly has been studying “Slow Food” preparation for years concentrating on the freshest non processed foods available in his Restaurant Soma. Breakfast is dominated by freshly ground Costa Rican coffee served in a French Press, freshly cut fruit, pancakes and the traditional bacon and egg American Breakfast. The dinners there are also out of this world good. Jim has nourished great relationships with the local fisherman and farmers to ensure that only the freshest and finest ingredients are served to his guests. If you have special request, Chef Jim will surely find a solution that suits you.

How to get to Mal Pais Costa Rica

There are a few options on how to get to Mal Pais Costa Rica. As I mentioned above, you can drive there from the North along the coast during dry season, or you can drive inland via the main roads during the rainy season. For those of you that are not looking to travel all around Costa Rica, you can fly into the local airport and get a driver to drop you off at Hotel Milarepa.

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