igloo cooler

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Ok, so I just bought this igloo cooler, and of course I looked at coolers online first in order to get an idea how much coolers cost. Here is the one I found on the igloo cooler website.

igloo cooler
The first thing I thought was that this thing would fit perfect between the captain chairs of the A-Team Van PERFECT!

Here is the part that made me blog about my cooler…this thing:
Ice Cube™ – Pearl Blue

Introducing the Ice Cube™ – this unique design from Igloo has changed the “shape” of the industry! User friendly and ergonomic. Unique cubical shape is easy to lift and carry. Has four handles: two easy-carry swing-up handles and two molded-in handles. Has a smaller footprint than traditional ice chests so it uses less space in vehicles. Built in storage compartment in lid for keys, cell phones, etc. Two cupholders molded into the lid. Removable food tray for extra dry storage.

Igloo Cooler Features:

* Drink Holders
* External Storage
* Holds 2-L Bottle Upright

Cooler Specifications
Cooler Size: 17.25″L x 17.25″W x 17.31″H
Igloo Cooler Capacity: 48 Qt. (45L)
Price: $40.00 and In Stock Now.

Of course they have the cooler in stock! It is $40 bucks when you can the same cooler at Wal-Mart for $20 bucks! Well…just a little rant, about my new cooler. Now we just need to go camping….

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  1. And you would have happily paid $40 (plus shipping) for that cooler, if your girlfriend wasn’t such a good shopper ;)…

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