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being tagged

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Summer tagged my blog requiring me to tell you 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me and then tag 5 other blogs requiring them to do the same thing. If you are one of the blogs I tagged, I am sorry, I don’t know you. But we are related some way/how because I did searches for things that I am interested in and your blogs came up first in the search results. Please…repeat…its good stuff.

Here are 5 things that you don’t know about me:

1. I was the Ice Cream Man

2. Regardless of extensive international travel, turbulence on an air plane still makes me nervous

3. I drove alone South on Interstate 95 in the year 2000 directly through Hurricane Floyd (155mph winds) from North Carolina to Florida (600 miles) because the evacuation route that was offered to evacuees would have stranded me inland/landlocked away from pumping hurricane surf

4. I can’t ride a wheelie on my bike

5. All of my muscles are bionic so I jump onto the roofs of tall buildings (too bad I am afraid of heights)

I don’t know five people with blogs that haven’t already been tagged so I am going to pick this one freestyle:

Google Search: Surfers Blog

Blogger Search: South Jersey

Search: Mountain Bike

Search: Porn Star (actually #2 in SERP’s, first one was spam)

Search: Monkey (title was flying space monkey)

Search: I hate taxes

Managing Domains – GoDaddy

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I have been using Godaddy to buy domains for my business for the past couple of years. The reason has always been their great price point, and NOT how easy it is to manage the domains.

Up until recently, the only way to view all of your domains was to export them into excel or a word doc. It was a pain, but, at least then you could do “Find” domains. About two weeks ago, my account got a lot easier to use. Now, they have a Domain Manager interface which is different from their site. It is now easy to login, view all of your domains and sort them within their interface.

Nice work Godaddy…i think i’ll buy some more cheap domains. :-)

Editing HTML – NotePad vs TextPad

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Ok- So I am not really the best coder out there. Actually, I suck. But I own a company that does website design, search engine optimization and a bunch of other web based stuff. Here’t the thing; my company is successful because I know what to do and have the conviction to get it done 100% perfect. I just so happen to hire out the people to do all of our coding, web design etc…

In the past few years I have been determined to learn how to design websites and code. Therefore, I have some pet projects and everything I do is by hand. I don’t use programs such as dreamweaver to get my stuff done. Ok, here comes the problem. I am helping out by designing and maintaining a website called (you are welcome to have a look) to help save some local mountain biking trails. My buddy that is working on the project with me using SSH access in his Mac Terminal prompt (same as cmd prompt on PC’s) and I simply pull the files off of the server, edit them in Note Pad and then re-upload them.

Look what happend after he worked on the code of one of my pages(click on it to make it bigger);

Messed up Note Pad Code

I know I am a nerd now, but fuck…how am i supposed to go back in and edit that shit? So, another one of my buddies suggested I download a copy of Text Pad. Here’s what the same code looks like now;

Text Pad Fixing Messed Up Notepad Code

Wow! Not only is it spaced out again, so I can follow what is going on, but it also color coordinates the types of code like firefox does in the “view source” option!

I am nerd…eeep eeep eeep
I hope this helps someone out one day that is facing the same nightmare as me…don’t go in there and try to delete all those little 0’s and add returns to organize your code. Just get textpad. IT’s rad.

Upload Image Problems on Blogger

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This is really starting to annoy me; I keep having problems uploading pictures to my blogger account. The last four images I have tried to upload are consistantly showing broken pictures on BUT still work when you click on the links! This is pissing me off.

I know you can all relate to a good rant…you type the whole thing up and start looking around for pictures to complement your post (to make it interesting for everyone reading it) or maybe your post is ABOUT a bunch of pictures you just downloaded off of your camera and were looking forward to uploading…and lo and behold (Lo is archaic meaning look & behold meaning see so it means look, see!) there is an upload image problem with Blogger!

ACK! I feel like Charlie Brown right after Lucy pulls the football away from him leaving him flat on his back staring at the sky…thinking; I had the best intentions…but this sucks!

Net Neutrality

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Sen Ted Kennedy sends out a video through showing his support for Net Neutrality. Just like you and I, he doesn’t want big business coming in and controling the Internet just to make it a cash cow for themselves out of something we created. Check it out:

Net Neutrality Needs our Support!

If you want to see the Ninja put a comical spin on Net Neutrality, check it out over here. Although this is a serious topic, i think the Ninja brings it down to everyone’s level.