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Choice Cable Puerto Rico Sucks

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My office down here in Puerto Rico is run off of Choice Cable’s Internet service. It goes down at least twice a week, sometimes three or four days at a time. I highly recommend going with the local DSL which is faster and has not gone down once since I moved down here. I am working in a local bakery that allows me to use their wireless network…i am looking forward to having our home offices set up. This bakery/office stuff is for the birds.

Father, it has been 2 weeks since my last confession

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I am watching my stats plummet…which is par for course when you stop writting interesting stuff…or, just plain old stop posting.

I have been actively posting on California 2 Puerto Rico but haven’t had too much going on to talk about here.

We are chest deep in Summers trial…I sold the van and Nissan. Monkey is going into heat again and she and kuta were reunited again today. It’s going to be good to have Kuters around…he’s such a good boy (reqardless of his attention whore attitude). Apparenlty, Monkey is going to have to get used to NOT being the only child again.

I got into it with my pyscho neighbor again yesterday about parking spots, trash removal and respect issue’s. He swings a hammer for a living, I SEM and work on the phone from Puerto Rico and California. Jealous much! I smoothed it out and, but I think he isn’t looking for a friendship…just a neighbor he would like to ignore at all costs.

I am the Project Guy

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I have been working mad hours lately trying to hit the deadlines for the launch of my new Elective Health Care consortium and I haven’t had time to post many blog entries.

Here’s a sneak preview:

r4md screenshot
Taking care of all of the logistical stuff of taking over the business like credit card process (both American Express and Visa Mastercard), setting up the PO Box, Toll Free Numbers (VoIP), Toll Free Fax (Web Based), Client Relationship Management Software, Accounting Software, New Bank Accounts, Secretary of State Filings for California, signature authority at the current bank, tax paperwork, absorbing accountant fee’s and advice and communicating and producing for my current clients via SEO, New Site Development and Lead Generation has been unbelievably time consuming!

Work alone isn’t keeping me busy though; I am also trying to work out my mortgage on the Puerto Rico House (is has been in escrow for 8 months)and that has been most stressful. More so than work, cause I am good at work and enjoy it and it is in my control. Now, dealing with banks in Puerto Rico has been completely different than the above; no control, very little communication and mad money going to appraisers, title companies, hazard insurance companies and fuckin mortgage brokers fee’s on top of the too high of an interest rate we are going to be paying. Also, to get approved for this loan, we are going to have to plop down over 24 percent of the homes value out of the gate. Hmmm…if you didn’t follow the above link to the dream house, I’ll tell you here to save you the trouble; the house is under construction. It is only roughed in, meaning it looks done from the outside, all of the framing is done and all of the electrical and plumbing is complete…it just needs finishing work like appliances, bathrooms, floors, drywall, lighting. Perfect because we can customize it, but that is more money flowin’ out the pockets after dropping 25 percent at the gate.

So, thinking of all this (which I do all the I complete a task I push it out of my conscious) last night made me realize that I am the project guy. Let’s review;

  • I sold my ownership in a company with thirty something people on payroll and now run the company that I completely own solo with some key 1099’s and some great web based business applications that allow me to work from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • I am buying a house in Puerto Rico that is still under construction and will be finishing the construction myself with Summers dad and a couple of 1099 manual laborers

Ok, so that is only two projects, but they are both huge in scope and I will be working on the simultaneously. And much like Howard Roark I refuse to compromise my personal vision and professional integrity to make any of this easier on myself. Instead, I hereby deem myself The Project Guy. Catch me if you can fuckers, and if you do, in the words of Chris Tucker…I don’t give a fuck! And you know why? Because I am the project guy.

Small Print: When the author refers to “Fuckers” he means it in an endearing way, not in a gang fight “pop a cap in your ass” kinda way.

Another New Beginning

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I am excited to announce to everybody that I have started another new beginning! I closed on a deal that I have been working on for a long time and am now the owner of Wise Medical Group, an online marketing firm that does online marketing for fee for service physicians.

I will be applying all of my Search Engine Optimization knowledge and Customer Service experience to my current clients and will be broadening the horizons of the firm to market not only for Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Dentists but also to Bariatric Surgeons, Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons and to Hair Loss Specialists.

I will keep you updated on my progress and the success of Wise Medical and Health.


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A buddy sent this on over to me this afternoon after I sent him the “Wheel Of Fortune South Park” which he may or may not have been able to watch because of another one of these This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.…anyway….WORD!