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San Diego Wave House Accident

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Ok, I only got two replies on the question I posed on the San Diego Wave House Accident “what if” I posted last week. With that, I will tuck my tail between my legs and still tell you about a horrible experience my friends and I had on the Flowrider Wave Machine in San Diego a few weeks back.

So, anyone who has gone on this thing, knows that it is dangerous. You could break your neck, foot or head at any given time. It is just the nature of the sport and the wave. What isn’t the nature of the wave, is it coming apart mid-ride. If you are having a hard time conceptualizing this, check out this picture.

San Diego Wave House Accident

Ok…so here you are, looking at this picture thinking, what’s the big deal? Well, that spot where the padding and boards peeled up is in the middle of the impact zone. That is exactly where everyone gets funneled by the water after they fall. Three of my friends got caught underneath this thing before the water was turned off. All of them are good surfers and have experience with hold downs….but this really shook them up. There was a lot of water pressure holding them under.

I am not sure the extent of the injuries but two of them had to go to the hospitals. One with compound fractures and the other with a huge gash across the back of his legs. I think he ended up getting around 25 staples to close up his 8 inch gash that was 2 inches deep.


Ya know, the worst part about this situation was that one of the bouncers or managers came running over to us while we were tending to our injured friends waving our disclaimers. He claimed that he would call an ambulance for us but he was responsible for the injuries. What a load of crap. We were also told to stop taking pictures by the bouncers…we told the bouncers to leave us alone. They didn’t really bother us after that…the ambulance came and so started Josh’s birthday…Wavehouse…Emergency Room…Staples…

Wave House San Diego

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Have any of you seen the WaveLoch at the WaveHouse in San Diego? This thing is a blast…it shoots out water from Jacuzi Jets on steroids at a rate of 50,000 gallons a minute. The way the platform the water is shot into is shaped, it creates a perfect barrel (for goofy footers) and propels riders at a land speed of around 30mph. The catch is, the rider looks like they are standing still, but they aren’t…not even close.

I think a lot of people get injured on the Stand Still wave at the wavehouse, but that is the risk everyone takes. If you grew up skating backyard ramps, getting injured doing what you love is just apart of your everyday deal. There is 4 pages of injury disclaimers that everyone needs to sign before they are allowed to ride the wave.

The question i have is this: If the WaveHouse stand still wave actually breaks…is the WaveHouse responsible for the hospital bills and stuff? I am not saying, ouch, I fell and broke my leg while having fun (and at my own risk), I am saying, if the jets malfunctioned and started shooting out 1,000,000 gallons of water per minute and shot the rider off the back of the wave, over the fence and into the street 40 yards away…who is responsible?

I want some feedback on The WaveHouse Lawsuit question before I create my next post…

Poker Hands – I like Texas Hold ‘em Poker

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I have decided to jump on the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker bandwagon a little late. Everyone has been playing, winning poker and loosing their shirts…and I just sat back and watched. No more.

I like Texas holdem, but not like some of these guys. Check out how much money they have won playing poker! In my book, these winnings definately beat Grandma’s Bridge Game winnings.

Mohamed Ihrahim Limit Hold’em $290,420
Toto Leonidas Seven Card Stud $98,760
Chris “JESUS” Ferguson Omaha Hi-Lo Split $123,680
“Minneapolis Jim” Meehan No Limit Texas Hold’em $280,100
Prahlad Freidman Pot Limit Texas Hold’em $109,400
Minh Nguyen Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split $106,020
Erik Seidel Pot Limit Omaha $146,100
Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson H.O.R.S.E. 84,080
Chris “JESUS” Ferguson 1/2 Limit Hold’em 1/2 Seven-Card Stud $66,220
Phi Nguyen No Limit Texas Hold’em $222,800
Phil Hellmuth Jr. Limit Texas Hold’em $171,400
Michael Saltzburg Seven-Card Stud $95,580
O’Neil Longsen Deuce To Seven No Limit $147,680
Johnny Chan No Limit Texas Hold’em $224,400
Eddy Scharf Limit Omaha $63,600
John Arrage Limit Texas Hold’em $178,600
Layne Flack Omaha Hi-Lo Split $119,260
Mickey Appleman Pot Limit Texas Hold’em $147,280
Ron Rose Seniors Championship No-Limit Hold’em $130,060
John Juanda Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split $130,200
Amir Vahedi No Limit Texas Hold’em $270,00
Daniel Negreanu S.H.O.E. $100,440
Johnny Chan Pot Limit Omaha $158,100
Layne Flack Limit Hold’em Shootout $120,000
Tom Jacobs Limit Texas Hold’em $163,000
Huck Seed Razz $71,500
Barb Rugolo Women’s Championship $40,700
Frankie O’Dell Omaha Hi-Lo Split $133,760
Keith Lehr, Jr. Pot Limit Texas Hold’em $225,040
Men ‘the Master” Nguyen Seven-Card Stud $178,560
Phil Hellmuth, Jr. No Limit Texas Hold’em $410,860
John Juanda Pot Limit Omaha $203,840
Carlos Mortensen Limit Texas Hold’em $251,680
Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen Triple Draw Lowball Ace To Five $43,520
Chris Moneymaker Championship Event $2,500,000

This must be the equivalent to being a professional surfer for me. Too good to be true.

Surfing Mexico

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Conner Erwin and I scored the giant north west swell hitting California this week. On Wednesday we headed south to a point just north of Ensenada…fun surf and definately smaller than San Diegos unmanagable (for me)25ft to 35ft surf. Check out the picture below….
The San Diego surf reports are still calling for good swell throughout the week and into next week.

Surf Surf Surf

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This entry has no real point…so please stop reading it. I simply would like to tell all 3 visitors a day that I need to go surfing. This weekend looks like my best bet. San Diego is expected to have a small to moderate North West swell…which means, as long as the wind cooperate, waiste to chest high waves…and lots of people. Regardless…surf surf surf ;-)