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Typical Propaganda after a Murderous Rampage in Germany

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Any and every excuse to sling propaganda. The press reported more about the kid in Germany that killed 12 students and then 2 more people in a shootout with police at a Volkswagon dealer before killing himself. The press said two things that annoy me:

  • A teenage gunman who killed himself and 15 people on Wednesday in a rampage that began at his former school had apparently signaled his plans on an Internet chat room hours before embarking on the murderous spree, German officials said Thursday, as a portrait of a troubled and depressed youth began to emerge.

  • Mr. Rech said Mr. Kretschmer had been treated for depression but had broken off his therapy. The Stuttgart chief prosecutor, Siegfried Mahler, said Mr. Kretschmer’s personal computer contained pornographic images. The teenager had also spent time playing violent computer games.

Regarding the first quote. He revealed his intentions in an Internet chat room. OOOOOOOh, he talked about it in a chat room. People talk about crazy stuff all the time, even in chat rooms. If you hunted down every single person that acted weird, crazy, suicidal or violent in public or on the Internet, 89% of the world would be arrested. Come on now people, the world is crazy, people are crazy, you’re crazy. There was no way to stop this kid ahead of time and saying that if our civil liberties were violated by the government tracking our Internet usage is pure propaganda. Fuck that. Better parenting will prevent murderous rampages from happening, not invasion of our privacy.

I don’t have much to say about the second paragraph than this. Every single kid out there that is 12 years old with a computer has seen a naked girl on it (porn) and every kid has blown some shit sky high playing Halo. The way the article above is written, it is setting you up for the governments final blow on your civil liberties. I can hear it now: You support the murder of young women, like in Germany, if you don’t vote to make violent video games and pornography illegal.

Spring Break in Mexico, Decapitations and Coolers

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If you listen to everyone in the news and all the worry warts, the United States is in a recession…hell, the world is in a recession. Down here in Puerto Rico, all the local Inn’s and Hotels are complaining about a slow down in business but most of them are still doing well. I wonder if Rincon Puerto Rico is going to get more of the college spring break crowd with the lack of desire to go to Mexico…for fear of your life.

There have been more murders in Mexico in the past 18 months than in the Iraq war. That’s a lot of death. It makes me think that the drug cartels are really gaining power down there as the government looses power along with the rest of the world because of the recession. Recently, a retired army general hired to put together an elite squad of drug agents was kidnapped from the strip in Cancun and murdered. Analysts say that Cancun is less susceptible to the drug wars because it is a peninsula with only one way in and out allowing for the police and military to intercept any trouble makers. That is the reason they say that it is safe for spring breakers to go to Cancun Mexico, because it would be too hard for drug cartel hit men to get away after they kill someone or fill Senor Frogs up with a spray of bullets from one of their automatic weapons.

Just yesterday, five human heads were found in coolers in the Mexico state of Jalisco. The coolers all had messages etched into the outside with sayings like; “Like these, I’m going to finish you all” and “Here we go idiot”. Man, when did decapitations become so popular?

The US has issued a travel advisory on Mexico but mostly in the border towns like Tijuana. Tijuana has never been safe, but at least you only had to deal with corrupt cops and not kidnapping drug cartels.

My call, let Mexico work out their problems without US tourist money. Don’t be a hero, Mexico isn’t worth loosing your head.

Coffee House Rules – Don’t Mess with your Barrista

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I am on my cell phone a lot for work, and I am on my cell phone a lot because I am addicted to it. The technology aspect of cell phones these days has me checking my iPhone for emails, FaceBook and Twitter updates constantly. If I am bored, I will be playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker or shuffling through pictures that I most recently taken. Hmmm…maybe there is something wrong with me. Why can’t I just sit in the hammock and chill out! :-)

The last time I went to San Diego with Summer, I spent a lot of time at Cafe 976 in Pacific Beach. I like their coffee, their food is healthy and very fresh and their Wi-Fi is fast. It’s a great place to people watch and get some work done. I loved this sign they had at the register so much, I took a picture of it with my iPhone so I could preserve it forever. Check it out. Classic.

Bio Fuel Driven Air New Zealand Flights

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Alternative fuels seem so logical, why haven’t we spent more money pushing this on people? With our oil reserves coming up short and the high oil producing countries treating the united states like their little strawberry, why hasn’t anyone with influence started pushing Bio Fuel yet?

Normal diesel vehicles can run off of hand filtered used fryer oil. Take out the ‘do it your-selfer’ and focus on the fact that these oils are absolutely renewable. Anyway, I am not going to write a term paper on this, do some google searches. I just saw this on cnn: Air New Zealand is starting to power some of their jets with Bio Fuel.

Interesting Political Spin Era

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This year, 2008 and the upcoming year, 2009 are going to be very interesting political years. The press and news agencies of the world are going to have a field day spinning public opinion.

I know, if you are anything like the way I used to be, you are about to navigate away from this page. Who cares about politics? That’s someone else’s world. I have not been interested in politics for very long. But now I am, and I am impressed by the way the press manipulates public opinion with every little bit of news (It sure seems like the news is overplaying the hell out of the economy thing, forcing us further into the red because the public is scared).

One Gullible Citizen Interviewed for this article:“If I see it on the Television, it has to be true! Heck, I saw it on a big news network!”

I am always online for work, check out the news headlines I just read: In Hard Times, Russia Moves In to Reclaim Private Industries

This really is an interesting spin. The press is writing an article regarding the Kremlins move to undermine private industries that are in financial trouble and gaining more control over the multi-billion dollar mining and oil industries. Their spin on the situation is bad. Russia is bad.

Here’s the thing. The fully Democratic government here in the states is taking control over major financial institutions because of the mortgage induced credit crisis. The government will be in control. Also, the Detroit crunch with the possible bankruptcy of GM, Ford and Chrysler is going to give the state more control over more of our private industries. Our government has been hiring all of the smartest minds from the private industries to gather together and figure out how to help certain industries with their cash injections and their stronger control over the industry. I am not opposed to all the work going into bailing out the economy or opposed to the government having greater control over certain industries. I’m just saying the press is spinning every event in favor of the way the United States is handling the situation as positive and the press spinning negative propaganda towards Russia on similar issues. The worst is the press hinting at a new cold war with Russia because of their slide back to Communism. WTF people.

Our government is getting a lot of irons in the private industry fires as well. The press is spinning, spinning, SPINNING! Let’s see them get their iron in the private health care that would be real real nice.