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US Media is a Joke

What Is American Media Doing?

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Last night, President Obama addressed the nation on how he would like to handle the chemical attacks carried out in Syria on defenseless people. The potential for another war in the oil rich region has me extremely concerned and I would like to stay up to date on what our country is going to do.

This morning, after dropping off my daughter at school I pulled up to read the news and the home page and slider was void of the presidents speach. It didn’t say a thing about the war, Russia and China opposing the attacks our president and France are proposing (England is out) and it still said nothing about “proof of who set off the chemical weapons”, not even that chemical weapons killed hundreds.

Moreover, the news said nothing about the nuclear fallout from the Fukushima catastrophe and the proposed dumping of hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

Worse that all this lack of news is that Yahoo shows what searches are currently trending on their search engine. Check out the top ten searches with my responses inline after the dashes;

  • Jordon Brewster – Who is this?
  • Ann Curry – Celebrity over World War 3?
  • State Trooper Shot – Ok, I get this. Safety at home
  • Duck Dynasty – Really people? I love Duck Dynasty but there is some gnarly stuff going on the world right now.
  • 2 Million Bikers to D.C. – Bikers going to confront Muslims? Interesting but don’t you want to know what the president said last night?
  • Jurassic Park 4 – Sweet, another sequel. Hopefully they don’t put chemical weapons in the movie theaters.
  • Bloodhound Gang – Sigh…..
  • Westboro Baptist – More hate breeding publicity. Forget about these retards. They will go away if you do.
  • Rice Diet – Get skinny before you die of radiation exposure or in World War 3
  • Glacier Park murder – This is National news? Ok.

It’s hard to believe how bad the US Media is these days. It’s almost laughable.

Sean Singleton Web Designer

BUYER BEWARE – Sean Singleton and Guaranteed Freshness Web Design Ripped Me Off

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I really can’t believe that it came down to this. I am making a post on my personal blog about a new designer that I started to work with back in June of 2011 because, after I paid him, he stopped communicating with me. He didn’t return phone calls, text messages or emails. Ultimately, after four weeks of no response communication from him, I filed a complaint with PayPal (I paid him in advance for his web design work) and am making this post so that anyone doing searches for Sean Singleton will see how he treats his clients after he gets paid.

September 28, 2011 Unanswered Correspondence

Sean Singleton

Will you please give me an update on where you are with client design and/or delivery dates.


October 3, 2011 Unanswered Correspondence

Sean Singleton

I at least some sort of response from you.

You said you would have something for me at the beginning of last week
so I emailed you when I didn’t see it. I’m not putting pressure on
you, but I need some sort of communication from you regarding where
you are with the design on this project so we can get a build out
started and I can keep the clients expectations set properly.

Thanks and please hit me up with some info.


October 3, 2011 Unanswered Correspondence

Sean Singleton

I am relying on you to do this design and work and I pre-paid you for
it! If you’re not able to work on this project, please just let me
know and send me money via paypal so I can afford to pay someone else
to finish what you started. I now have a client that is pushing me to
get this done and you went MIA on me.

I would like to keep working with you on this but need to hear from you.


October 10, 2011 Unanswered Correspondence


Are these emails getting to you? I’m now trying the email on your
website since I haven’t gotten a response from you in two weeks at
your gmail address.

The above correspondence with Guaranteed Freshness and Sean Singleton only represent my emails to him, not my repeated phone calls or text messages.

Look, I work with 1099 and independent contractors all the time in my business. Most of my design work is done through outsourcing in the United States and I keep 99% of my important SEO and business building tactics in office at Reardon Corporation. I understand people get too busy and drop the ball, but you should never be too busy to communicate that you are too busy. Worst case scenario, you tell someone that you bit off more than you can chew with this project and you need to divy up the hours you worked and refund the rest. But come on, the silent treatment AND keeping all the money you were paid in advance to complete the job?. That is just a weak move.

Sean Singleton, if you read this post about you and your web design business, I welcome you to communicate with me about how we can fix this situation. I have already hired another designer to take over your web design project and need to pay them with the money that I paid you to complete the project in our contract.

Guaranteed Freshness Web Design

Guaranteed Freshness Web Design

New Pandora and Social Sites Are Eerily Similar to Facebook

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As a Pandora One member, I get to check out the new Pandora website ahead of the pack. I gladly took a test drive today, and guess what; It looks just like the FaceBook user interface. Now, I’m not bashing on Pandora because I love what they have done for me, and everyone else that got sick of having to change their music library every time a new technology came out (CD, DVDs, iPods). Most of the music I listen to is music that I have purchased at one time or another, but have no idea where it is after lost hard drives, stolen computers and scratched CD’s.

With that little disclaimer, back to the reason for this blog post. I think all of the new social media sites out there are looking very similar to facebook. Social media is taking the logical evolution to a segmented industry. Much like nearly every business out there like advertising, plumbing and building, if you find a specialty within the big picture you can build yourself a great niche business.

The way I see it, all the business’s out there that saw the success of social media with FaceBook are now trying to create a niche in their industry. Pandora is just like them…creating their own social network on the new Pandora One website.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if it looks anything like facebook to you.

New Pandora Looks Like Facebook

New Pandora Looks Like Facebook

We Got Robbed in California

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This is crazy.

Summer and I got robbed at Shawn’s house in Rancho Santa Fe on Saturday morning. It was crazy. Two guys, definitely professionals, broke into the guest house while Summer, Sydney and I were sleeping. I woke up and walked out on them as they were leaving in our BMW with the keys they took out of Summers purse. I chased them down the driveway, called 911 and informed the guards at the entrance. That was at 5:45am.

Long story short, they stole about $10,000 worth of computers, cameras, iPods and our x5 BMW…plus my passport, company checks etc. and got away after a chase…but our car is bad ass. Security didn’t have a chance and the cops took 20 minutes to respond.

They recovered our car with the keys in the ignition this morning in a National park called Hellhole Canyon.

Lots of Time to Draw Skulls in Prison

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A friend of mine turned a very horrible situation into a lifetime learning experience. A time that will change him forever. He sent me a letter from prison. With nothing but time on his hands, he drew on the envelopes he was sending out to friends and family. My envelope came with a pile of skulls on it. Check it out:

I guess now would be a good a time as any to go on a rant about how broken and fucked up our civil justice system is. Both sides of it. The court systems are run by District Attorneys with unlimited power, use of all government authoritative positions as witnesses and over zealous Assistant DA’s willing to convict anyone once the state is committed to prosecuting regardless of the accused guilt. If it weren’t for all of the advancements in science to disprove the one track minded charismatic District Attorneys thousands of people would still be in prison and on death row. A three letter word that is more valuable than S-E-X to someone wrongly convicted. That word is D-N-A.

The other side of the US justice system that is all screwed up is the ‘rehabilitation’ part of it. Come on, do you really think long term prison sentences are going to help first time offenders? Prisons themselves are a whole new society to first time offenders with a learning curve that doesn’t allow mistakes. Race segregation, new rules on who is charge, new ways instill prison justice on inmates and guards and wardens that know exactly what is going on, but choose to turn their backs to it rather than fight to correct prison life. To most, prisoners deserve whatever punishment they receive in prison because they are there, but if someone is wrongly convicted, everyday is a new hell. It’s not just about being physically or sexually abused, it’s also about being the one that needs to assault other prisoners because your new boss told you to. And I’m not referring to a guard or warden, I am referring to the leaders of each race in each cell block. Races need to keep their race in check. If an inmate is told by his cell blcok leader to assault someone, he/she needs to do it for fear of starting a race riot if the Wood doesn’t take care of the other Wood that is not following the prisoner rules. Kill or be killed. Put him in check, or we’ll put you in check.

This country needs quality affordable criminal defense for the accused. This country needs to hold state prosecutors personally accountable for people they wrongly convict. If DNA exonerates someone, the DA that prosecuted that person should go on trial to prove their innocence in wrongly convicting that person. We need accountability in our government, not a boys club of judges and district attorneys rubbing elbows to better their careers at the expense of innocent people.