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Mildew Free Bath Time

Store Your Bath Toys Mildew Free in The Tropics

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If you’re anything like our family, bath time equals lots of fun with toys, suds, sponges, towels and squirt guns. Now that our daughter is almost four years old and we have tons of bath toys and routines I’m starting to notice some unhealthy hygiene trends…specifically, we are getting mildew all over our favorite toys.

So, what’s the solution to keeping your kids bath toys dry (even when you live in Puerto Rico? It’s the bath pad. Better than a net and way better than having to clean/dry your toys after every bath to keep them mildew and mold free.

Have a look at these (links to buy on Amazon are below the photo). We have the frog one which seems pretty gender neutral, but they also have a ladybug plastic scoop and a whale.

Have fun in the bath!

These are affiliate links and I will earn a commision if you buy these after reading my post. Happy shopping!


Small Business Do-It-Yourself HD Video Equipment Package

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Are you looking for a good camera with HD Video capabilities with a budget under $3,000? Me too!

I needed a camera for work projects and a digital camera that I could use to take some great family video/photos on the side when it’s not set up in my office for talking head videos. So, while shopping around for a camera I kept in mind that I needed to satisfy my work needs first and the personal stuff would just be a bonus.

Here is what I recommend buying;


Canon 7D – Perfect for HD Video

After discussing my needs with a few boutique creative shops and a few friends that work on TV and Movies, I was told that the best bang-for-the-buck is going to be the Canon 7D SLR digital camera. Check out the look of the camera. It is very traditional looking with some modern ergonomic features like the extended handle where the trigger finger can rest while firing off 18 Megapixel photos. The Canon 7D also has awesome movie making characteristics. It captures full HD movies at 1920×1080 at up to 30 frames for second. It’s an insane video camera and takes absolutely gorgeous videos.

Great Video Without Profesional Lighting

Sure, you can turn on your camera and start shooting video but whoever is in the video will most likely have dark shadows across them and appear as if being shot in a dark cigar bar from the prohibition days (I’m picturing brown panel walls, nicotine stains etc). The combat that, you could spend $1000 in profesional grade lighting for a home project or you can buy a great Canon L Series lens that has a very low aperture. The one I recommend is the 1.2. This camera lens will allow you to shoot video as well as still shots that will look great in low lighting and create a great depth-of-feel like the real movies.

Movement Makes Your Video 100% More Appealing

The last thing I recommend when shooting your own small business videos to promote on your website and Youtube is taking dolly shots. Dolly shots add movement to a video that may otherwise not have any movement at all. For example, when I shoot my talking head video, I will sitting at my desk and will not be moving around too much. Shooting a dolly shot allows the camera to move while you stay still. This creates movement in the background of the shot and helps keep the viewer interested.

The recommended links to Amazon include all the chargers, batteries, bags etc that you will need to run your entire shoot. Also, I was not paid to make this post but if you buy the merchandise above via the links I provided, I will make a commission off the sale.


Google Plus Is Going To Dominate

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Facebook is going to turn into MySpace (buggy, all advertising and self promotion). All this social networking is making people anti-social and it is ruining the world. I dare you to talk to someone waiting in line at subway…nope. Gotta like that cute pug picture! Google + is going to take over. Google is going to integrate + into your email, photo albums, docs, calendars, free voIP calls and all the other everyday stuff we use for free so it won’t seem like such a colossal waist of time tricking our brains into thinking we are being social with friends and acquaintances. I hope you didn’t buy Facebook stock.

The crew of guys playing poker at our home game.

Rincon Poker Pokerstars

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Playing Regular Poker Home Games Beats The Hell Out Of Playing Free Online Poker On The Internet

At one time (before child & the U.S. Government crackdown on online gambling) I used to play online poker all the time. I would have a small window open in the corner of my screen and continue with work as usual and just check out the screen when the buzzer indicated the action was on me.

Since the end of my online poker days, I have been playing a lot of home games with my buddies. I usually play once a week. We start the game at 8:00 and play a tournament style buy-in with 20 blinds. Even if you’re a bad poker player, you could keep up with this game since the blinds start at 25/50 and only go up after 20 minutes of play.

The crew of guys playing poker at our home game.

Don't Mess With These Guys

Our buy-in is $10. For that $10, you get $4,375 in chips. The amount of players dictates how the pot is split up at the end. Our house rule is that the final players don’t need to play to determine winner (heads-up poker) if all players can agree to a percentage split of the pot. If anyone still playing wants to play heads-up to determine the winner, all players must continue until one player is left with all the chips.

This is how we split the pot:

  • 5 Players or Less: Vote before first hand; Winner takes all or 1st/2nd (70/30)
  • 6 to 8 Players: Vote before first hand; Only 1st/2nd/3rd (70/30/$10) or 1st/2nd (70/30)
  • 8 Players +: Vote before first hand; 1st/2nd/3rd (70/30/$10) or 1st/2nd/3rd (60/25/15)

We allow buy-backs for an hour and 30 minutes after our first hand starts. That usually means that when the clock strikes 9:30, you’re in it to win it. We allow each person to buy back one time. When they do buy back, they get $2,500 in chips for $10 or whatever your buy-in was.

Other house rules for our home poker game include;

  • no drinks on the table
  • bring your own beer
  • take turns bringing ice for coolers
  • late penalty of paying big blind for every hand you missed
  • self regulated penalties starting at $25 and doubling for each penalty (ex. betting out of turn, misdeal, using phone etc)

Build A Poker Table And Play A Home Game

poker table with red felt and black rails

The Future Poker Table

If you like poker, I promise you there are plenty of people around you that like it too. Start talking the talk with your friends and get a good home game going. It beats the hell out of going out and paying full price for drinks and beer not to mention the fact that you and your buddies are hanging out, telling some jokes and having fun for 1/10 the cost of going out to the bars.

Our Poker Table is a do it your-selfer (DIY). We simply stapled black boat carpet to an old outdoor table we had. The chairs we use are whatever we can get cheap locally that won’t fall apart. We keep talking about building a new poker table to replace our old one, but we haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet.


Rotator Cuff Injuries Suck When You’re a Surfer

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I hate going to the doctor. I don’t have insurance and always research the Internet for cures. Maybe one day I’ll wise up and trust in my doctors AND ask them questions about my shoulder instead of Google.

So, over the past year my right shoulder has been getting more and more tender, but only enough to poke fun at myself for getting old. I am 37 years old as I write this post. Then, on a recent trip to Nicaragua, I really felt the pain. It hurt to lift it over my shoulder but I never had a specific event that would cause great injury to my shoulder and cause a full tear (almost always requiring surgery), just a partial tear or a little bit of tendon damage. From the research I have done, it appears that only the major tears require surgery…which is very good news for my surfing.

Here are some events that could cause a rotator cuff injury;

  • repetitive lifting over your head
  • repetitive over the shoulder motion in sports like paddling, throwing etc
  • a hard fall in sports like when skiing you land on your harm and tweak it around

Here is the bad news for my surfing. Most advice I could find online recommended resting the arm from the activity that hurt it in the first place (surfing) and doing physical therapy for it. There were three main do it at home physical therapy excersises that are meant to strengthen the shoulder muscles around the rotator cuff tendon. In theory, when combining these excersices with rest, the muscles around the rotator cuff will strengthen and help carry the weight giving your rotator cuff time to heal.

See A Doctor For Your Shoulder Injury

It is also recommended to see a doctor sooner than later, as a rotator cuff tear that is serious could cause future medical problems if left untreated. The doctor will most likely do a physical examination and ask you to do a 180 degree waving motion with your arm to determine exactly where the pain is and when it starts. I’m assuming this will also help the doctor determine if the injury is severe or minor. If it appears to be a severe injury, then the doctor will most likely request x-rays of the should and even an MRI depending on your level of pain.

Great Video of Doctor Discussing Shoulder Injury

I watched this video and thought, wow, this guy did a great job explaining the injury, how it occurs and exercises that will help a shoulder injury heal without surgery.

Doctors often recommend pain killers for severe pain, anti inflammatories and sometimes even steroid shots into the shoulder area. If your body reacts well to the steroids, perhaps you will get more than one shot.