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Lighting Storms

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Down here is Puerto Rico it rains almost everyday during the “Rainy Season.” Coming from California, it is nice to see the rain and feel it every afternoon. When the rains come, it is usually like clockwork at around 3:00pm and rains hard for about an hour. Along with the rain comes low dark clouds and some very intense lighting storms. It is pretty rad really, the air cools off about 10 degrees (from the mid 90’s) during the storm, all outside work comes to a halt (if the lightening is intense) and it is time to sit on the porch and relax for a little while.

While researching Wind Energy for the house, I found this killer picture of a lighting strike in Colorado. The colors in this picture are just amazing!

Diver Attacked By Shark – And Lives!

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A professional abalone diver was working off the coast of his home in New South Whales Australia when his world went black.

He was working in the ocean in about 25 feet (7.6 meters) of water free diving for abalone. The diver always worked with his son and had often discussed what to do if attacked by a shark, but never thought the day would come. Well, not only did it come, but he was attacked by the biggest fiercest fish in the sea, the great white shark.

The victim of the shark attack said he didn’t realize what was going on and before he knew it, his head, left arm and torso were inside the great whites mouth! Instinctively he used the only part of his body not in the sharks mouth (his right arm) to repeatedly punch the great white in the eye until the shark finally spit him out. Apparently the shark came in for attack number two but was scared off by this fierce diver. Somehow, the diver kept his cool, made it back to the surface and apparently screamed; “SHARK! Get me the hell out of the water!”

Australian rescue crews were alerted after an SOS call went across the radio indicating that someone had been attacked by a great white shark. The hellicopter, on recomendation from the doctors, flew the rescue chopper very low to the water in order to avoid the bends. He is currently in critical condition but expected to recover.

Being a surfer, any kind of shark attack story scares the hell out of me. I can’t believe this guy had the sense to punch a great white in the eye! Crazy.

SoCold in SoCal

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I feel like I’ve posted about the cold weather in San Diego just a couple of weeks ago, but just in case i didn’t, here we go again.

It is just plain old cold in San Diego right now. Last nights low hit 36°F which is a couple degrees above freezing! That’s right, the weather in beautiful sunny southern california gets into the thirties at night…and the houses have no heat. The only time to escape the chill is while driving your car with the heat on full blast. The cold weather even dictated where/what we had for dinner last night. Here’s how it went down:

summer, ” let’s get sushi for dinner”
stefan, “um, I don’t know if I want sushi or not, I really want something warm for dinner”
summer, “hot saki”
stefan, “sushi sounds like a great idea!”

As to warmer thoughts, here is a picture of the groom and groomsman at my great friend eric booths wedding at the Westin St. John. Eric is all the way to the left, I am next in line.

Westin St Thomas Wedding Photo, Eric Booths Wedding

Warm Days at Erics Wedding

Look at those outfits, no jackets necessary. mmmmm….the caribbean looks warm.